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What Is Automatic Heating Oil Delivery, and Why Will It Help Me?

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Most people don’t want to watch the level on their oil tank all winter long – and no one wants to deal with the consequences of running out of heating oil when temperatures drop here in Staten Island and NJ.

Fortunately, Rucci offers a no-fee service that can help you go a long way to avoiding these problems: automatic heating oil delivery.

Here’s how automatic delivery works:

With all those great benefits, you may wonder why we offer automatic delivery for free. The answer is simple: because it helps everyone. If we know when you need your heating oil, we can design efficient delivery routes, which means more people get on-time deliveries every day.

Say goodbye to the hassles of managing your heating oil deliveries in Staten Island, New Jersey, and the rest of our service area with automatic heating oil delivery from Rucci. Contact us today to sign up, or to become a Rucci customer.