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Avoiding the Holiday Plumbing Blues

Kitchen sink

The holiday season is tailor-made for plumbing disasters.

They can happen in your garbage disposal – where stringy pulp can really gum up your gears – or in your drain, where fat from your roast or turkey can harden into a pipe-clogging obstruction. A holiday guest can even mistake your toilet for a garbage pail, creating further problems.

Here are six tips to avoid holiday plumbing mayhem:

  1. Pour turkey / roast grease into a disposable container and let it congeal; then discard the container in the trash.
  2. Carefully consider what you put in your garbage disposal, avoiding:
    • Fibrous foods (Celery, pumpkin, potato skins, etc.)
    • Bones
    • Pasta
    • Coffee grounds
    • Egg shells
  3. Always use lots of water in your disposal, and let it run at least 30 seconds.
  4. Remind your guest that the toilet is not a garbage pail – TP only!
  5. If you have any plumbing issues, address them before holiday company arrives.

Avoid holiday plumbing disasters – if you have a plumbing problem, take care of it today! Contact us to schedule a plumbing repair appointment – and don’t forget to ask about your $25 plumbing discount!