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What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier?

Whole house humidifier

You’ve probably used a portable room humidifier to make your kid’s room more comfortable to sleep in. But what happens to the rest of your Staten Island or New Jersey home when dry winter air sets in?

Keeping the right amount of water vapor in your indoor air is an often-overlooked aspect of home comfort – but it’s an important one for your family’s health (and for the health of your home itself, which we’ll soon see). The best way to manage that water vapor is with a whole house humidifier.

A whole house humidifier connects directly with your home’s HVAC system, where it pumps water vapor through your ductwork as your furnace or air conditioner circulates air. You simply dial in the humidity level you want through your humidifier-compatible thermostat, just as you would air temperature.

Some of the great benefits from controlling humidity in your home include:

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