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The Importance of a Heating System Tune-Up in Unpredictable Weather

January 24, 2018
So far, 2018 has been a year of some pretty extreme weather shifts: since the holidays, the weather has twice swung 30 degrees or more in a 24-hour period! That kind of unpredictability makes it more important than ever to take care of your heating system – and the best way to do that is […]

Avoiding the Holiday Plumbing Blues

December 15, 2017
The holiday season is tailor-made for plumbing disasters. They can happen in your garbage disposal – where stringy pulp can really gum up your gears – or in your drain, where fat from your roast or turkey can harden into a pipe-clogging obstruction. A holiday guest can even mistake your toilet for a garbage pail, […]

What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier?

November 21, 2017
You’ve probably used a portable room humidifier to make your kid’s room more comfortable to sleep in. But what happens to the rest of your Staten Island or New Jersey home when dry winter air sets in? Keeping the right amount of water vapor in your indoor air is an often-overlooked aspect of home comfort […]

Help – My Furnace Vents Are Blowing Cool Air!

October 23, 2017
If you’re feeling cool air blowing through your vents, it could be a simple furnace fix – or a complicated furnace repair. Here are three common causes for cool air coming from your furnace vents that you can fix yourself. Your thermostat is set to ON rather than AUTO – If your furnace is switching […]

Time to Replace Your Home Heating System? Today’s High Efficiency Models Can Save You Money in the Long Run

September 20, 2017
A furnace or boiler is a big investment for any homeowner – and if you maintain it properly it will keep your family cozy and comfortable for a decade or more, no matter how bad the winter gets here in New Jersey and Staten Island. But even the most well made and well cared-for heating […]

Safety Tips for Your Water Heater

August 14, 2017
Water heaters are among the safest of home comfort appliances – but like any appliance that burns fuel, they require at least some care to avoid potential dangers. Here are five helpful tips that will help keep your water heater operating safely: Keep your water heater away from flammable materials – Keep oily rags, paint […]

Five Smart Energy Efficiency Investments For Your Staten Island or New Jersey Home

July 17, 2017
You probably spend more than you need to on your energy bills – maybe even a lot more – because of inefficiencies in your home that can be greatly reduced with a little planning and investment. Here are five of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s efficiency this summer (and beyond): Weatherize – […]

Troubleshooting Simple Problems With Your Home Cooling System

June 13, 2017
Summer heat is arriving early – time to fire up your home cooling system. But what if your air conditioner isn’t up to the task? Don’t worry – Rucci technicians are here for you all day, every day. But before you contact us for service, it’s worthwhile to do a little troubleshooting first: sometimes the problem […]

Ductless Mini-Split A/C vs. Window Air Conditioners

May 16, 2017
If you don’t have ductwork in your New Jersey or Staten Island home, you probably cool it off using window air conditioners. But there’s a much better option if you can’t accommodate central air conditioning: a mini-split air conditioner. Also called a ductless system, mini-splits feature two components – one indoors (called an air handler) […]

Summer’s Coming – Time for Your…Heating System Maintenance?

April 13, 2017
You already know that spring is a great time to prepare for and schedule your annual A/C maintenance – but it’s also a great time to give your heating equipment its annual lookover. After keeping your family warm through the long winter here in Staten Island and New Jersey, your boiler or furnace has earned […]