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Whole-House Humidifiers: A Key to Better Health and Lower Bills

January 13, 2017
Healthy indoor air has a humidity level of about 55 percent. But during the winter, the air in Staten Island and New Jersey can get pretty dry – which can make reaching that ideal percentage difficult. When your house is over-dry, it invites a host of problems ranging from dry skin and allergy issues to […]

Four Ways to Cut Down on Hot Water Use and Save

December 19, 2016
Your water heater typically accounts for from 20-25 percent of your energy bills each month – which probably isn’t that surprising considering you need to heat water for your showers, dishwasher, washing machine, and faucets. If you want to keep your water heating bills on the low side of that range, there are four ways […]

What is heating oil sludge, and how do I prevent it?

December 8, 2016
One thing we sometimes see when we perform heating system tune-ups for our customers is build up of thick black sludge in the fuel filter. That sludge is a mix of dirt, rust, and oxidized fuel that settles to the bottom of your tank (the fuel oxidizes when condensation inside the tank – caused by […]

Six facts about Bioheat

October 19, 2016
Bioheat® fuel is today’s clean-burning alternative to traditional home heating oil – and Rucci Oil has it for your New York City or New Jersey home. Here are 6 facts you might not know about Bioheat: You do not need to make any changes to your furnace, boiler or storage tank to use Bioheat! Bioheat […]

When do I have to replace my heating oil tank?

September 27, 2016
Most previous-generation heating oil tanks were built to last a maximum of 30 years – which means if your home was built when Ronald Reagan was president, it’s likely you’re overdue for a replacement. Even if your heating oil tank is not displaying telltale signs of corrosion – that is, there are no visible leaks […]

Labor Day’s approaching – time to think about your annual heating system maintenance

August 30, 2016
It’s hard to imagine the cool nights to come with the mercury routinely topping 95 in Staten Island and New Jersey. But don’t be fooled: autumn’s chill isn’t far away, and with them will come the need for your annual heating system tune-up. The problem is once cool nights arrive, you’ll be in line with […]

Say goodbye to cold showers

July 28, 2016
If you’re like the average American, your home probably uses 60 gallons of hot water or more a day to clean your clothes, your dishes, and yourself. The question is, why would you heat more water than that if you won’t use it? That’s the idea behind a tankless water heater – a unit that […]

Mini-Split Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

June 22, 2016
Mini-split air conditioners (also called ductless air conditioners) are some of the most efficient cooling options available today – but they’ll only stay that way if you maintain them properly. While you’ll want to leave most routine A/C maintenance to a professional, there are some steps you can take to keep your ductless system functioning […]

Time for a new air conditioner? Here are some things to consider

May 20, 2016
Memorial Day is just around the corner – and hot, sticky nights aren’t far behind. In our last post, we talked about getting your air conditioner ready for the predicted hot summer to come. But what if your A/C isn’t up to the task? Or what if you’re just ready to replace your old system […]

Spring’s here – Time to take care of your AC maintenance!

April 27, 2016
Temperatures are rising – which means the dog days of summer are just around the corner (most experts are expecting a hot one this year!). Before you know it, you’ll be leaning heavily on your A/C system to protect your family from the sweltering Staten Island and New Jersey heat. The problem is that – […]