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Change Your Furnace Filter Today For These 3 Reasons

order furnace filter new yorkWe’re about four months into heating season 2020-2021 – which means your furnace has already logged a lot of hours keeping your family safe and warm in your New Jersey or Staten Island home.

The question is, have you checked your HVAC air filter lately?

Most of us don’t do this simple heating maintenance task nearly often enough: although many factors influence the frequency with which you should change your furnace filter – how air tight your home is, whether or not you smoke or have pets that shed, and what type of material your air filter is made from, to name a few – a good rule of thumb is that your air filter should be checked once a month and changed every two to three months.

You may wonder if changing an air filter that often is overkill – after all, your furnace will run just fine with the older filter in place, won’t it? Actually, it won’t: when you run your furnace with a filter clogged by dust, fur, and other particles, you can expect to experience:

The good news is that furnace air filters are relatively inexpensive to replace – and thanks to our partnership with New Filters Plus, it’s easier than ever to do.

Automatic Filter Replacement Ordering: So Convenient!

At Rucci, we work hard to make your life easier – which is why we’ve partnered with a leading e-commerce site to provide convenient, cost-effective online ordering and delivery of one-inch, two-inch and four-inch pleated replacement air filters.

New Filters Plus manufactures most standard (and some non-standard filters) that are:

With online filter ordering, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. They can even send you a monthly email reminding you to change your filter.

Ready to set up your filter order? Visit the New Filters Plus website today. Use promo code RUCCI and you’ll get a FREE FILTER with your order! Have any questions about your filters, or saving time and money with your heating and cooling? Contact Rucci today – we’re here to help!