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Indoor Air Quality: Why It Matters In Commercial Spaces

commercial air filtration new yorkDid you know that indoor air could contain four or five times more pollutants and allergens than outdoor air? That’s something to really pay attention to with the amount of time we’re spending indoors these days, swallowing an average of 15,000 gallons of air every 24 hours.

This is particularly true in commercial spaces such as office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities, where the consequences of prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can pose a major health risk to students, workers, and patients.

So why does this poor air quality happen, what are its consequences, and what can be done about it in a commercial setting? Let’s take a look.

Causes Of Poor IAQ

Commercial settings are prone to poor indoor air quality for several reasons, but the one that probably has the greatest impact on health is the increasingly air-tight nature of their construction.

In recent years, a trend toward eliminating or greatly reducing air leaks has resulted in dramatic increases in heating and cooling efficiency. But that efficiency often comes at a cost – namely reduced ventilation, including the introduction of fresh outdoor air. As a result, indoor pollutants often become trapped within a commercial space, leading to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)-related issues.

Some common pollutants that can get trapped inside a commercial space include:

Consequences Of Poor IAQ In Commercial Settings

Poor indoor air quality can create a range of health impacts, including headaches, fatigue, and nose, eye, and throat irritations. These symptoms can be particularly detrimental in settings such as:

If you are responsible for selecting a commercial ventilation system for your office, school, healthcare facility, or other commercial space, understanding the impact of IAQ is critical to making good choices about the HVAC equipment you install.

Our IAQ specialists can help you identify the ventilation solution that makes sense for your space and building – contact Rucci today to learn more about commercial IAQ installations in Staten Island and New Jersey.