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Common Commercial Boilers Heating Problems

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Losing heat at home can be a big problem once temperatures start to drop here in New Jersey and Staten Island – but in the worst-case scenario, you can usually find someplace warm to stay while you get your heating equipment repaired.

When the same problem happens in your workspace, however, you could have a real problem on your hands: not only will you lose revenue when employees and customers stay home rather than coming to work, but you could also lose equipment as temperatures dip to levels that damage fragile electronics.

Commercial Boiler Issues

Here are some of the issues our technicians encounter most often during the winter in commercial heating systems that use a boiler:

  1. Pressure loss – Pressure loss is commonly caused by steam leakage, which is often difficult to see. Loss of pressure can also mean that there are problems with the steam traps, check valve or feed pumps of your return system.
  2. Water leaks – Some water leaks are easily visible around the perimeter of your boiler; other steam leaks can be more difficult to detect.
  3. Blockages – Scale buildup – often caused by hard water – and other blockages can inhibit heat transfer and lead to inefficiencies in the system.
  4. Odd noises – Knocking, whistling, or gurgling can indicate anything from air buildup to low water pressure to scale buildup on the boiler’s heat exchange.
  5. Worn water and safety probes – Sensors inside your boiler can degenerate or become covered in scale, causing the boiler to turn on or off when it shouldn’t.
  6. Other problems – Pressure loss, a problem thermostat, a blocked valve, or a malfunctioning pump can all cause a heating system malfunction.

Professional Maintenance Is Key

If you own a business in NJ or SI, you want to enter winter knowing that your commercial boiler is ready to take on the stress of the coming cold. The best way to do this is to schedule a commercial boiler inspection with Rucci Oil.

A professional boiler inspection from Rucci will ensure that proper gas pressure, flame, air intake, and exhaust are maintained with your system, and that all gas piping is in working order. An inspection could help you prevent a disaster – and it will definitely help you save money by keeping your equipment running reliably and at peak efficiency.

Winter is almost here – is your commercial boiler ready? Know for sure when you call the experts at Rucci for a commercial boiler inspection. Contact us today to learn more.