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What’s at Risk with a Poor Furnace Installation?

Just say no to amateur heater installation

poor hvac installation new yorkSo, your neighbor’s granddaughter’s boyfriend used to work for a heating and cooling company, but he didn’t finish his training and got fired. Now he “repairs” and “installs” equipment independently and inexpensively! But is amateur installation really worth the so-called savings when you take all the drawbacks into account? (Spoiler alert: definitely not!)

What could go wrong? A lot.

We’re not saying every unprofessional tinkering incident or installation hack job ends in a life-and-limb-threatening disaster, but it’s always a possibility. A poor furnace installation could lead to:

Hidden dangers of the financial sort

Safety issues are top priority, always. But if you can avoid hemorrhaging money due to a poor furnace installation, that’s definitely a plus, right? Here’s what to be on the lookout for:

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