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Customer testimonials: committed to 100% customer satisfaction

Rucci Oil, testimonials, heating oil services NYSince Rucci Oil was founded in 1927, we have been committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our heating and cooling customers. Whether it is finding ways to make your heating oil prices more manageable, or offering you products and services to help you heat and cool your home more efficiently, our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the many unsolicited testimonials we receive from our customers.


Please take a few moments to read what our customers have to say about Rucci Oil Company.

"Ten years ago I started taking care of my aunt's affairs and her residence. I want to thank you and your company for excellent and prompt service. Any worker that arrived was always pleasant to my aunt and nothing was a problem. Miss Jordon was a customer of Rucci for over 40 years and I see why. Staten Island is lucky to have a great family business that responds to their customers."
- Mrs. Bell, Staten Island

"Dear Rucci Oil Co.,

Now that our property has been sold I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rucci Oil Company, "Family" for years and decades of outstanding service rendered to my family.

You didn't just deliver oil, you delivered the highest standards of customer support, efficiency, reliability and when needed compassion.

Without a doubt, from our family, you are the finest fuel oil company on Staten Island, and we would shout it from the rooftops! You have my permission to share this enthusiastic praise anyway helpful to you."

- Elizabeth Meaders, Staten Island
"Over time you realize how valuable quality is. I've had Rucci Oil for longer than I can remember and their service has never let us down. You can really count on them"
- Mrs. A. Albano, West Brighton
"I want to thank Andrew and everybody at Rucci Oil for coming over last Sunday to take care of the flood in our boiler room. Fortunately the weather was not too cold, but I was distressed when I saw there was no heat in the church and more distressed when I saw the cause, a flood that covered the motor to start the boiler.

Frank came and started work on Sunday. We needed the church for services and you had everything under control for us. Thank you!

It got me thinking that over the last seven years since I've know you that I had often felt glad that we switched to your service. You have been diligent in caring for us, quick to respond to a difficulty and efficient in repairing what was not working so that we were not left to the elements. When I was asked to take on the buildings of another parish I felt good that I could go to you for advice and help. Inheriting new buildings and there old problems is quite a challenge. It is comforting to know that you are around to help and that you are so reliable. I really feel you are working for us and am relieved to have you in my corner.

There are so many times that you have helped and it seemed to me- especially after the weekend crisis- that I should let you know of my and both parishes' appreciation."
- Father D. Michael Flynn, S.J. Pastor, Port Richmond