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Indoor Air Quality

Improve the air you breathe at home in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan & in New Jersey for parts of New Jersey from Union to Woodbridge & the surrounding area.

indoor air qualityIt is estimated that we spend 90% of our lives indoors. But today’s tightly sealed homes make it virtually impossible for air to circulate in and out of the home, which means that mold spores, dust, germs and other airborne allergens and contaminants become trapped inside.

This creates an unhealthy environment—especially for people with respiratory ailments such as asthma. Fortunately, Rucci has some smart solutions for improving your indoor air. 

Ionic air purifiers

The cleanliness and safety of the air in our homes has become more critical in recent years.

Rucci can give you peace of mind with the iWave-R. It is the world’s first self-cleaning, zero-maintenance needlepoint bipolar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in residential duct systems. The iWave-R is easy to install, as it is designed for universal mounting. It can be installed inside or outside of the duct or attached magnetically near the indoor fan in the air handler.

As air flows through your home’s ductwork, the iWave-R uses positive and negative ions to actively purify it, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, volatile organic compounds, and static electricity.

The iWave-R is self-cleaning with a patented design which includes a programmable cleaning cycle. No maintenance, no worries!

You also get more pleasant air in your home, as the iWave-R controls odors such as from cooking or pets. Check our current promotions available!


Dry air inside your home causes static electricity and dry skin and eyes. It can also aggravate allergy symptoms. Not only is dry air uncomfortable, it is unhealthy.

You can greatly reduce all of these problems by asking us to install a whole-house humidifier, which automatically and precisely delivers the ideal amount of moisture into your heated indoor air.

In a home with a forced-air heating system, a whole-house humidifier connects to the main duct, where it can monitor the relative humidity of a home and ensure that your indoor air has the right amount of moisture.

Proper humidity levels will eliminate stuffiness and dry skin. Humidifiers will also reduce creaks made by floors and stairs and keep wooden furniture from cracking and loosening at the joints.

A humidifier can cut heating bills too, because the right amount of humidity helps you feel warmer. You can turn down the thermostat and still feel comfortable.

Air filtration systems

High-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters are super-efficient filters that remove up to 99.97% of the particles passing through them. A whole-house HEPA filter will rid your home’s air of particulate contaminants that measure 0.3 microns or larger.

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Ultraviolet-light air purifiers

Even if you install one of the most advanced air cleaners on the market, disease-causing organisms such as germs and bacteria may still compromise the quality of your home’s air. An ultraviolet (UV) light air-treatment system is an effective solution. UV light is deadly to mold, bacteria and other organisms.

UV germicidal lights can help if you or your family members suffer from:

  • respiratory allergies and asthma
  • frequent colds and flu
  • headaches
  • symptoms including runny nose; itchy, watery eyes; sore throat; and fatigue

Free Air Filter

Another way to improve indoor air quality is to change your air filters on a regular basis. But that’s not always easy to remember.

That’s why we have partnered with a great company that makes it convenient to purchase and change your air filters. New Filters Plus is an e-commerce company with convenient online ordering and delivery of one-inch, two-inch and four-inch pleated replacement air filters.

New Filters Plus

New Filters Plus manufactures most standard (and some non-standard filters) that are:

  • made in the USA
  • shipped FREE to your door
  • up to 35% cheaper than leading “big box” retailers
  • provided with a 100% money-back guarantee

New Filters Plus provides you with one less thing to worry about. They can even send you a monthly email reminding you to change your filter.

Order your replacement HVAC filters today, use the promo code RUCCI and get one FREE filter with your order.

Please contact us if you have questions or go here to place your order.

Contact us today to learn more about your options in indoor air quality products. We will gladly provide you with guidance about what product is best for you and your home.