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Oil Tanks

Upgrade to a new aboveground oil storage tank in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and parts of New Jersey, including Bayonne, Westfield, Jersey City & the surrounding area.

oil tanksFuel oil storage tanks, like other long-lasting durable components of your home, eventually need to be replaced or removed. The modern aboveground tanks we install, like models from Roth, are more environmentally friendly and versatile. They can be installed in your basement, your garage or any shaded area that is near your home.

To avoid the headaches that will come if your tank fails, it’s a good idea to investigate your options in new aboveground tanks now.

If you need a heating oil tank repair, heating oil tank service, or maintenance, or you’re interested in a heating oil tank installation, Rucci is here to help you.

Understanding new oil storage tanks

Today’s oil storage tanks are light-years ahead of old models. They are virtually leak-proof and have features that include:

  • sleek designs
  • double-walled construction, with an outer tank of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel
  • leak-detection systems
  • long-term warranties

Commercial tank inspections

For our commercial customers, we do oil tank inspections for tanks over 1,100 gallons, as regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC requires that this inspection take place every five years. Contact us to arrange for an inspection.

Oil storage tanks: FAQs

Q: What are the different options for aboveground tanks?
A: Today’s aboveground tanks can typically be installed in small or unusually shaped spaces in basements or garages. The most common type is the 275-gallon basement tank. Aboveground tanks can also be installed outdoors and hidden inside an enclosure. These models, similar to basement tanks, typically hold 275 gallons.

Q: Where can I put my new aboveground tank?
A: Because heating oil is biodegradable and safe to store inside the home, you can put your new leak-proof tank in a basement, a closet or the garage. You can also put it outside, near your house or garage or anywhere in your yard.

Q: How long do aboveground tanks last?
A: Most modern oil tanks are built of corrosion-resistant materials, so they can last for decades.

Q: Can I replace my old underground storage tank with a new one?
A: Yes. However, the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) recommends that homeowners replace underground tanks with leak-proof aboveground models. Even though modern underground tanks are made of double-walled plastic and fiberglass that won’t corrode, there’s still a chance that leaks can develop in the piping if they are not properly installed. Either way, check with your local municipality for regulations regarding tank replacement and/or the decommissioning of underground tanks.

Do you need to buy a new aboveground oil tank, or have your existing one replaced, maintained or removed? Contact us today for expert, friendly service. Rucci—providing oil tank service in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Jersey City area.