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Water Heaters

Expert water heater installation, water heater repair and water heater maintenance in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, NJ and surrounding areas

water heatersRucci Oil Company is pleased to offer some of the finest water heaters on the market today.

For example, Bradford White gas-powered water heaters, which offer unparalleled efficiency and comfort, and operating costs that are a fraction of the cost of using electric water heaters.

Since the average household spends about 20% of its energy dollars just on heating water, it’s important to choose the water heater that best meets the needs of your family. We can help.

Every home is different. And so is every homeowner. One customer may want the latest cutting-edge water heating solution, while another might prefer a more conventional system. Rucci offers you options—but, no matter which type of water heater you choose, you can trust us to install it properly.

Water heater FAQs

A: In an indirect-fired water heating system, all the water you use in your home is heated by hot water from the boiler. A typical design is a water tank with coiled pipes inside. These coiled pipes connect to your boiler. Hot water from the boiler passes through the coil, which heats up the domestic-use water surrounding it.
A: Heating oil produces the hottest flame of any home heating fuel. This means that a water heater fueled by home heating oil heats water fast. On average, oil-fired units heat water three times faster than gas heaters and five times faster than electric units.
A: Every year, have your water heater inspected by a service technician to keep it in peak operating condition. Ask us about our water heater service plan, [Link to service plans] which covers you for this annual maintenance.
A: Some telltale signs include higher water-heating bills, rusty water, water stains, and unusual noises. You should also consider the age of the unit. The life expectancy of an average tank water heater ranges from 7 to 13 years. If your water heater is 10 years old or older, don’t wait until it breaks. Start researching your replacement options now.

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