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Price Protection

price protection

Save money on heating oil costs with our price protection program

History has demonstrated that heating oil prices tend to be cyclical. One year the price of home heating oil is high, the next year it is low—or perhaps the price cycle extends over multiple years. There’s no single reason that the price of oil rises or falls. It could be supply and demand, or geopolitical events, or speculation—or all of these factors.

What we do know is that, no matter where the price of home heating oil goes, our customers need some way to make their price more predictable. That is why we offer price protection, a program to help you know in advance the most you will pay for your heating oil in a given year. Some companies make this process complicated; we don’t.

Our price cap gives you price certainty

chartRucci offers price protection in the form of a price cap. Here is how it works:

  • Before the heating season starts, you agree to pay a set per-gallon price for your home heating oil, and you’ll never pay above that cap.
  • You’re protected and don’t have to worry about paying more, even when the market price of oil is higher than your price cap.
  • The great part of this is that if heating oil prices drop below the cap, your price will go down too! This is known as downside protection.

About the price cap fee

As you might expect, our suppliers charge us for offering this type of “insurance.” Consequently, we are forced to charge you a fee for price-cap protection. We do not make money off the fee; we simply pass the cost on.

Spread out your winter fuel payments

You can make your home heating oil payments even easier by enrolling in our budget plan, which we call EZ Pay. This is a popular program for those who opt for a price protection plan.

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EZ Pay helps make your fuel bills more manageable by spreading the cost out over 11 months.

For even greater convenience, you’ll want to consider automatic delivery of your heating oil, which frees you from having to call us when you need fuel. We keep track of your fuel use and make an automatic delivery before your heating oil supply gets too low. There is no extra charge for this service.

Contact us to know more about our heating oil price protection program, EZ Pay and automatic delivery.