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Service Plans

Protect yourself from big repair bills in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Jersey City area

service plansA service plan for your heating or cooling system is like health insurance for your body—with wellness care included. That’s because our 15-point Heating tune-up and 15-point Cooling tune-up are included with your service plan at no extra charge.

Heating and air conditioning systems operate for months on end and need regular maintenance—just like your car. With regular maintenance, your system works at peak efficiency, and our technicians are given a chance to catch minor wear and tear before it turns into major trouble down the road.

Our heating tune-up keeps your heating equipment working efficiently (whether it runs on oil or on gas) and can cut annual fuel use by as much as 10%. It also ensures that your system operates safely, which helps prevent dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from building up.

Our cooling tune-up can reduce energy use by more than 10%. That’s because we check your system’s coolant level as part of the tune-up; if your coolant is even 10% low, it can boost air conditioning bills by 20%. Plus, annual maintenance greatly extends the life of your equipment.

Choose the plan that works best for you

Priority Plan: great discounts (oil or gas systems)

  • annual tune-up
  • 15% off all repairs
  • 50% off diagnostic fee

This plan is perfect for heating customers who want good protection but who are willing to cover much of the cost if they need a repair; ideal for newer systems.

Oil Ultra Plan: no-cost repairs (oil or gas systems)

  • annual tune-up
  • priority service for no-heat emergencies
  • no charge for all covered repairs
  • no diagnostic fee
  • no after-hours charge for no-heat emergencies

Best for heating customers with somewhat older systems who want to eliminate the cost of most repairs.

Air Conditioning Plan: great discounts

  • annual tune-up
  • 15% off all repairs
  • 50% off diagnostic fee

Oil or Gas-fired Water Heater Plan

  • Labor and most of your water heater’s components are covered at no additional charge with the Ultra Water Heater Plan
  • A 15% repair discount is provided with the Priority Water Heater Plan

Other coverage options

  • additional heating/cooling units
  • water treatment systems
  • indoor air quality equipment

View our service plans:

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Rucci’s service plans help eliminate surprise repair bills, prevent problems with heating equipment or cooling equipment, extend equipment life and keep your system running more efficiently, which means you’ll use less fuel and save money on your energy bills.  

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