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Do Mini-Splits Need Regular Maintenance?

How to take care of your A/C system

mini-splits Staten Island, NY Whether you have central air conditioning, window units or a mini-split system, one thing is for certain – you want your A/C to work well once we get hit with warm weather here in New York and New Jersey. And one way to ensure that your air conditioner (this includes mini-split air conditioners) is up for the task at hand is with regular maintenance.

The importance of air conditioning maintenance

Properly maintaining the appliances and equipment that we use around our homes is an important part of owning these appliances and equipment. Air conditioners – mini-split systems included – are no exception to this general rule.

Generally speaking, annual tune-ups on a ductless A/C help ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible once the temperatures increase. Routine maintenance also helps catch problems before they turn into larger and more costly serious issues.

On top of that, regular maintenance on a mini-split system also:

Ways you can maintain your ductless A/C

It goes without saying that professional maintenance is highly recommended for any home air conditioning system. However, there are some things a homeowner can do to help their mini-split system work well. Here is a look at what they are:

Mini-split maintenance from Rucci Oil

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