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Natural Gas & Electricity

Rucci proudly offers you natural gas, electricity and renewable energy services

As our customers in New York and New Jersey, Rucci offers natural gas, electricity and renewable energy services to bring you the best energy in the Northeast. When you choose Rucci as your supplier, you’ll get your energy through the same company you trust for your heating and cooling needs. With 90 years of experience, we make total customer satisfaction our first priority!

natural gas and electricitySwitch to Rucci and start receiving these great benefits:

  • LOW RATES: Get a special discounted rate on natural gas, electricity or renewable electricity when you sign up promo code RUCCI.
  • NO CHANGE IN SERVICE: When you switch to Rucci, your local utility will continue to deliver the gas and electricity to your home or business. There will be absolutely no disruption in service.
  • ONE BILL: You will continue to receive one bill from your local utility company with our charges included. When you pay your local utility company, they will take care of the rest. No extra steps for you!
  • FIXED RATE PLANS: Our fixed rate plans let you lock in your energy rates for a full year, protecting you from seasonal price fluctuations so you can better manage your budget.

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Get a credit of up to $50 on your account when you switch to Rucci as your energy supplier. We’ll give you a $25 credit when you get electricity from us and a $25 credit when we become your natural gas supplier.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please give us a call at 718-285-7385 or fill out a form to become a Rucci customer.

Rucci—offering natural gas, electricity & renewable energy in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Jersey City area.