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Common Oil Furnace Problems & Troubleshooting

5 Reasons your Oil Furnace is Acting Up – and What to Do About it

oilheat repair new yorkNobody wants there to be a problem with their furnace, but ignoring an issue with your heater is only going to exacerbate whatever is going on. Fortunately, many common oil furnace problems have an easy fix. The first step to making sure your furnace keeps on kicking is diagnosing the trouble. Read on to learn about the most common oil furnace problems in New York and New Jersey, and how to troubleshoot them.

Your furnace won’t kick on? Start with the thermostat

The leaves are turning outside, the weather is getting crisp, especially in the evenings, and you decide it’s finally time to get your furnace going for the colder months ahead. Except…..nothing happens. So anticlimactic! One of the most common reasons for this is that the thermostat isn’t communicating with the furnace.

Dirt and debris put a damper on the warmth in your home

Dust, dander, and debris are dirty words when it comes to your furnace. From a clogged air filter to a dirty thermostat, to obstructed ductwork or vents, buildup anywhere in your heating system can wreak havoc on its efficiency and even its ability to work at all. Performing simple maintenance tasks can allow warm air to flow freely, without having to go into overdrive.

Give your furnace some space

Likewise, make sure your furnace itself isn’t blocked or obstructed by boxes, furniture, or items in storage – if in the basement, for example, – or by leaves, yard waste, or lawn equipment, if your furnace is located outdoors. In addition to this being a fire hazard, it can cause your furnace to become overtaxed.

Clean-burning starts with clean burners

Dirty burners create weak, dirty flames, and you can tell by their color. Yellow flames indicate a dirty burner contaminated with soot, condensation or other buildup, while blue flames indicate clean burners. You can use a vacuum hose to clean dirty burners and blowers, but be sure to turn the power off first.

Using a cleaner, more efficient oil can also benefit your furnace because it won’t have to work as hard. As part of our commitment to fuel efficiency and energy conservation, Rucci delivers Bioheat® fuel that consists of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel made from organic and recycled products, including soybean oil, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae.

Check the ignition switch and pilot light

If your system has a pilot light and it isn’t igniting properly, there could be a problem with the ignition switch or light itself, causing the air to blow cooler than it should. Always make sure your appliance is turned off before addressing the issue with your pilot light.

Your furnace is in good hands with Rucci Oil

The energy experts at Rucci Oil are here for you, whether you need help finding the right switch to flip, need to tackle a repair, or are ready for an upgrade to your system. We offer sales, installation and service of boilers and furnaces in Staten Island, Brooklyn and beyond. Rucci’s professional staff is ready to help you join our family of customers! Find out more about our services, payment options and new customer incentives by reaching out to us today.