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What Can Happen If Your Furnace Isn’t Installed Correctly?

heating technician new yorkToday’s home furnaces are more sophisticated pieces of equipment – a mix of electronic and mechanical components that connect to other computerized elements throughout your home. For this reason – and several others – a heating system should always be installed by a trained HVAC professional.

Why DIY Home Heating Installation Is Risky

What’s at risk if your furnace isn’t installed correctly? Here are six problems that could arise with poor furnace installation in your New Jersey or Staten Island home:

The Bottom Line With HVAC Installation

When it comes to installing an oil-fired heating system in NJ or SI, always call a licensed heating professional. By working with an HVAC expert from start to finish, you’ll know that your furnace is matched to the heating load of your home and installed and working correctly from day 1!

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