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Preparing for Annual A/C Maintenance

Checking air conditioner for maintenance

It may not seem that way given the recent weather, but we’re just weeks away from spring in the Staten Island / New Jersey area – which means it’s time to start thinking about preparing for your A/C maintenance.

Professional annual maintenance is one of the best investments you can make for your cooling system – it keeps your equipment running better for longer, and it helps our technicians to spot small issues before they become costly emergencies.

But there are things you can do, too: while A/C maintenance is never a DIY job, you can get the ball rolling for a spring visit.

Here are six things you can do to prepare your outdoor portion of your A/C for maintenance:


  1. Inspect the outdoor unit panels – These panels protect you by enclosing your A/C’s electrical connections; if panels are missing or out of place, contact us before starting your system.
  2. Remove any condenser covers, blankets or lids – Leaving covers on while operating your unit for even a short time could do costly damage to your system.
  3. Remove debris from the condenser unit and coil – Remove branches, leaves, and other debris that may have accumulated in the offseason.


  1. Clean the supply vents and return grills – Remove debris from the supply and return air grills of your internal A/C unit. Vacuum away any pet hair and dust.
  2. Move objects away from registers – Look for areas where furniture, curtains, or other items could be blocking air flow into your room.
  3. Turn your AC on to make sure it works – Turn on your A/C unit and check the air coming out of the indoor vents for the first few minutes after starting it. Check back every few throughout the day. If it doesn’t start, try troubleshooting before you call for repairs.

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