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Start Off the Heating Season Right in These 3 Ways

heating repair new yorkWe hate to break it to you, but we are well past the midpoint of summer here in New Jersey and Staten Island – which means that before you know it, you’ll be reaching for the thermostat to take the chill out of the autumn air.

But we’re not there yet – which makes now the perfect time to get a jump on the little things that will make the transition from summer to fall and winter go a lot more smoothly in your home.

How To Be Ready for the Cold Season

Here are three things you can do in the coming weeks to ease your way into heating season:

  1. Get your annual tune-up out of the way – An annual heating system tune-up is a necessity, helping you to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and fixing small issues before they become big problems. The earlier you get your routine heating maintenance done, the better – not only will you avoid the early season service call rush, but you’ll also enjoy the performance benefits of a tune-up for a full heating season.

    Want an even better value for your natural gas- or heating oil-fired system? Sign up for a Rucci Value or Total Comfort Plan.

  2. Sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery – Want free peace of mind? Sign up for Automatic Delivery. Our computerized tracking system will estimate when you need fuel based on your past usage and the current local weather, visiting when your tank is about one-quarter full. You’ll never have to call for a delivery, look at a fuel gauge, or experience a fuel runout again…and you’ll get priority deliveries compared to Will Call service (which can really come in handy in unpredictable weather).
  3. Sign up for Price Protection – Want to make your heating bills more predictable? Sign up for Price Protection from Rucci. Before the heating season starts, you agree to pay a set per-gallon price for your home heating oil, and you will never pay above that price cap even when the market price of oil rises. The great part is that if heating oil prices drop below the cap, your price will go down, too*.

Stay one step ahead of fall and winter – contact us today to make your bill paying more predictable, less stressful and easier in in 2021-22!

*Please note that there is a fee for this service – contact us for details.