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When do I have to replace my heating oil tank?

When do I have to replace my heating oil tank?

Most previous-generation heating oil tanks were built to last a maximum of 30 years – which means if your home was built when Ronald Reagan was president, it’s likely you’re overdue for a replacement.

Even if your heating oil tank is not displaying telltale signs of corrosion – that is, there are no visible leaks or rust – that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear: most often, heating oil tanks deteriorate from the inside out due to moisture and sediment that gets trapped inside the tank over the years.

When a tank fails, it usually leaks first – but not always: occasionally, a failure releases a lot of oil all at once, with no advance warning. Then you’re stuck with remediating the mess, which can be a very expensive and difficult proposition.

If you already know your tank needs to be replaced, don’t wait – it’s simply not worth the risk, especially considering the great leak-free, corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly tank options we offer.

We’ll remove your old tank cleanly and safely in compliance with all local and regional codes and replace it with a new model that will last for decades.

Get peace of mind and avoid the nightmares oil leaks can cause – Contact Rucci today for a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank for your home!