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Safety Tips for Your Water Heater

Heating equipment art

Water heaters are among the safest of home comfort appliances – but like any appliance that burns fuel, they require at least some care to avoid potential dangers.

Here are five helpful tips that will help keep your water heater operating safely:

  1. Keep your water heater away from flammable materials – Keep oily rags, paint and stripping products and gas cans far away from your water heater’s pilot light.
  2. Know how to safely shut down your water heater – Know what to do if you smell gas or detect a gas leak.
  3. Give your water heater space to breathe – Stacked materials around the water heater could pose a fire hazard. Keep the area clear and well-ventilated so flammable fumes don’t reach the water heater’s pilot light.
  4. Don’t skip annual maintenanceRegular service will help detect and even prevent problems that could pose safety risks down the road.
  5. Consider an upgrade – An aging water heater unit, especially that’s not been well maintained – can be a safety risk. With an upgrade, you’ll see significant improvements in your energy bills, too – enough to offset the cost of replacing in just a few years (particularly when you consider this great offer.

Safety first! And if you’re ready for a water heater upgrade, contact us and ask how you can save $100 on a new high efficiency replacement for your Staten Island or New Jersey home – but hurry, this offer expires August 31!