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Six A/C Installation Tips for Homeowners

New A/C installation

When you hire a professional contractor for a cooling equipment installation, you want the process to go smoothly from day one to completion so you can enjoy the comforts of home quickly and for years to come. The question is how do you make sure things flow that way?

As with all investments, it takes time and some money to ensure success in your A/C buying plan; try to save too much of either and you run the risk of paying for avoidable repairs, worthless warranties and other problems in the future.

Here are six tips that will help make your buying experience a productive one the next time you’re in the market for a new home cooling system.

  1. Get a written estimate – Always get a no obligation, free, and detailed estimate for your A/C installation in advance of making any commitment to buy. The estimate should be based on observations made in a visit to your home; every home is unique and should be assessed by a professional installer in person. Make sure your estimate details any special considerations needed to be taken into account in your home (modifications to ductwork, etc.) along with a schedule, cost breakouts for equipment and labor, and warranties (see #4 below).
  2. Prioritize contractors with in-house installation teams – Although subcontractors are usually capable workers, a company with its own team of experienced, drug-tested and background checked professionals has made the investment needed to ensure your job is done right.
  3. Make sure your contractor is licensed and bonded – An unlicensed contractor may cost you a little less in the short run, but subpar service will always cost you money and comfort in the long run. Always ask for your contractor’s license number and proof of insurance – especially liability insurance – before any work commences.
  4. Get a warranty in writing – Not all contractors are created equal – and neither are their warranties. Many warranties expire too quickly to be of use, especially if you do your A/C installation (or heating equipment installation) in the offseason. Look for companies that offer warranties that will cover all installation work for at least a year after the work is completed.
  5. Make sure all permits are accounted for – An A/C contractor is required to obtain permits for any major work on your HVAC system; this notifies the city and alerts local residents that your property is undergoing service. Some contractors ignore or shortcut the permitting process, leading to costly legal issues later. Be sure all relevant permits are pulled for any work done on your property.
  6. Be prepared on installation day – The installation process lays the foundation for the future performance of your home cooling system. Ask questions on installation day, and be sure to have your contractor walk you through any decisions they have to make when assessing how best to install your equipment.

The bottom line: Taking the time to find the right contractor to help you choose, install, and maintain your cooling system is crucial to getting the most from your system now and in the years to come. By following these six tips, you can avoid difficulties down the road and guarantee that your home cooling system lives a long, healthy, and efficient working life.

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