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Propane Tank Delivery in Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY

Always have propane for your grill, firepit, and more!

How many times have you checked your propane cylinder and discovered you’re running low on propane? If you run out while grilling, that brings the cookout to a screeching halt.

Rucci is always developing smart solutions for your home. The latest, our Smart Exchange propane grill tank exchange service, makes always having propane for your BBQ grill easy and worry-free! We’ll deliver full propane cylinders to your home and remove any empty ones you have.

The price is only $25 (plus tax) per cylinder we deliver, plus $15 for delivery.

And now, for a limited time, buy two tanks for delivery at the same time and we will waive the delivery fee!

Smart Exchange is the easiest way possible to get a propane cylinder for your grill, firepit, portable generator, insect trap, or other outdoor propane appliances.

You no longer have to schlep your 20-pound propane cylinder to the car and bring it to one of those tank exchanges at the local grocery, home improvement or convenience store, then bring it back home. You’re not wasting gasoline going to the tank exchange and getting stuck in traffic or wasting time waiting in line for a clerk to manage the exchange.

How does Smart Exchange work?

  • The only work you need to do is fill out the form below or call us at 718-442-2080 when you need a propane cylinder delivered to your home.
  • Tell us where you’ll be leaving your empty cylinder (in a secure spot). You don’t have to be home for this contactless delivery.
  • Our delivery driver will drop off your 20-lb. propane cylinder and leave with your empty one.

Not only do you get fast, easy propane cylinder delivery and exchange with Smart Exchange, Rucci EZ Pay customers also can add the cost of your propane tank exchange to your monthly statement!

If you don’t want to wait for a delivery, no worries! Just bring your tank to our offices at 1693 Richmond Terrace on Staten Island during our regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and we’ll exchange your empty 20 lb. cylinder for a clean, full, safe cylinder ($25 + Tax). You can also buy a tank if you don’t have one to exchange.

NEW! We also provide propane tanks in other sizes, including 30 lb (for campers, RVs, and more), 33 lb (for forklifts), and 100 lb (for food trucks). Call our office for pricing on these larger sizes.

Rucci makes it easy to always have a full propane cylinder. Fill out the form below to place your order!

Smart Exchange Form

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