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Spring’s here – Time to take care of your AC maintenance!

Air conditioner maintenance

Temperatures are rising – which means the dog days of summer are just around the corner (most experts are expecting a hot one this year!).

Before you know it, you’ll be leaning heavily on your A/C system to protect your family from the sweltering Staten Island and New Jersey heat.

The problem is that – just like many of us – your A/C system hasn’t been doing much all winter, so you won’t know for sure if it can answer the bell when the time comes.

That’s why maintenance is so important – and why you should be thinking about doing your routine A/C maintenance now.

Routine maintenance can address minor issues before they become expensive emergencies when you need your home cooling system most (and when you’ll wait longer and pay more for service).

Although air conditioner maintenance is not a do-it-yourself project (please don’t try it if you’re not a professional!), there are some things you can do to get the ball rolling:

  1. Check your ductwork – Look for obvious holes, cracks and connectors. If you find any – or even if you don’t, since many leaks in your ductwork can’t be seen – consider sealing your ducts to improve your air quality and lower your home energy bills.
  2. Test your AC unit – Briefly run it to check for problems – that way you can fix them before summer really kicks in.
  3. Clear obstructions around the outdoor unit – Remove sticks, leaves, and other debris from around your outdoor unit.
  4. Schedule your annual tune-up and inspection – Keeping your AC system running great is one of the many benefits of our Air Conditioning Priority Planonly $149 if you enroll before June 30!Contact Rucci today for details.

Stay ahead – enroll in our Air Conditioning Priority Plan today.

And if you’re considering a new A/C system, check out our specials on central and mini-split models – contact us to learn more!