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Is Summer a Good Time for Heating Maintenance?

heating service new yorkWe’re halfway through summer 2021 – and with a scorching hot second half predicted for the Northeast, your furnace or boiler is probably the last thing on your mind. But summer is actually the perfect time to get your heating system ready to go for the long fall and winter ahead.

Routine Heating Service: The Key to Better Performance

Just like your car, your heating equipment needs regular service to keep it running its reliable best – especially if it’s about to undergo the prolonged strain of a New York/New Jersey winter. That’s true whether your equipment is new or old – but especially the latter.

The problem is that if you wait until the fall to schedule heating maintenance, you’ll run into some complications: first, it will be harder to find a convenient appointment time, since quality heating technicians are almost constantly working once we get past Labor Day. Second, if your system needs to be shut down for maintenance, it can get pretty uncomfortable for your family – especially if an unexpected cold front settles in.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is that you’ll discover the need to repair or even replace your heating system – something you definitely don’t want to once temperatures drop for the season.

Save on Installations, and Get Peak Performance for a Full Season

Another big advantage of taking care of your heating maintenance in the summer is that you’ll enjoy maximum efficiency from day one of heating season. On average, your furnace or boiler will lose about five percent efficiency each year it is not properly maintained. If you’ve skipped a few years, that can have a big impact on your monthly energy bills. The sooner you get your equipment maintained, the sooner you’ll benefit from the energy savings.

Early Maintenance Is Always Best

Many advantages come with maintaining your heating system during the summer: you’ll save money on energy bills, enjoy more convenient service times, and get access to better deals if you need to replace your system. It’s an easy call to make – just pick up the phone and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rucci’s expert technicians will help you get the most from your heating equipment without compromising your comfort. Contact us today to sign up for a Rucci Service Plan and schedule your maintenance visit today.