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Time for a new air conditioner? Here are some things to consider

Time for a new air conditioner

Memorial Day is just around the corner – and hot, sticky nights aren’t far behind. In our last post, we talked about getting your air conditioner ready for the predicted hot summer to come.

But what if your A/C isn’t up to the task? Or what if you’re just ready to replace your old system with a whisper-quiet new high-efficiency unit?

If you’re ready for a new home cooling system, here are some things to consider:


Right-sizing your air conditioner takes into account many factors – climate, the style of your home, the amount of insulation in your home, and more.

But getting the size of your A/C unit right is well worth the trouble: a properly sized air-conditioning system can reduce energy usage by up to 35 percent; an over- or under-sized unit can raise energy bills and lead to premature breakdown of your equipment.

Although there are rules of thumb for estimating cooling load, these formulas fail to take into account the right-sizing’s complexities. To get a more accurate estimate, you’ll need help choosing a unit that’s right for your home and lifestyle.


SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure like MPG in your car – the higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently it uses fuel to make cold air. Most of the central air conditioning models we offer have SEER ratings between 16 and 20; our mini-split systems can go even higher.

You’ll pay more for a higher SEER unit (about 8-10 percent for every 1-point increase in SEER, all other things being equal), but eventually (about 3 years for an 18 SEER unit vs. a 14 SEER unit), the more efficient system will pay for itself.

Also remember that SEER doesn’t take into account other factors that can drastically affect efficiency, such as leaky ductwork or improper insulation.

Ductless options

If you have an older home with no ductwork, you’ll need a ductless mini-split system. The good news is that mini-split systems can deliver amazing performance, with great options for any home.

Rebates and specials

Manufacturer’s rebates on high-efficiency equipment and other promotions can help you save more money on a new A/C. Contact Rucci today to learn more.

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