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Your 2020-21 Heating Oil Deliveries: 2 Stress-Busting Plans

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In unpredictable times, most of us hold on tight to anything that gives us a sense of stability and comfort.

That’s why we offer our no-fee EZ Pay budget plan to valued customers like you.

If you have been paying for your heating oil deliveries as you go over the years, you have probably gotten an unwelcomed surprise or two in your mailbox after a cold snap here in New Jersey or Staten Island. With EZ Pay, those surprises would become a thing of the past.

Instead, we’ll divide your annual estimated heating costs (based on your past heating oil use) into 11 affordable monthly installments, with one adjustment period (up or down, with either a balance due or a credit given to your account). That means you’ll pay the same amount each month no matter how much fuel you use.

EZ Pay = Peace of mind

Sign up for EZ Pay from Rucci Oil today and you’ll enjoy these great benefits:

Want even more peace of mind? Sign up for Price Cap price protection. A price cap program limits how much your heating oil price can rise – but not how far it can drop. Here’s how our price cap program works:

Predictable fuel bills help you plan

Rucci EZ Pay and Price Cap programs will help take the stress of paying for your heating oil down a notch by letting you know how much your fuel will cost well in advance of the billing date. Imagine how much easier your budgeting will be if you know how much you’ll pay for your energy bills every month. It’s possible when you enroll in EZ Pay from Rucci Oil. Contact us to sign up today – your plan begins in July!

In unpredictable times, get predictable heating bills with a EZ Pay and Price Cap protection from Rucci Oil. Contact us to sign up today.

Please note: At Rucci Oil, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our COVID-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep your family and our crews safe and your heating oil deliveries coming through this challenging time.

*Like all heating oil suppliers, we charge a fee for this service: the fee covers our costs to purchase insurance from our suppliers in case the market price drops (the fee only covers the cost of the insurance; we don’t profit from collecting it).