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What Causes A Leaky Faucet?

How to catch small plumbing problems before they become big ones

leaky fuacet Woodbridge, NJ Drip. Drip. Drip.

Gotten so used to the subtle noise of a leaky faucet that you’ve forgotten to figure out why it’s happening? Or do you keep meaning to take a closer look but get distracted doing other things?

We get it. Life can be demanding and get in the way of taking care of annoying home improvement-related issues that seem minor. It’s understandable to view a dripping faucet as just “one of those things” that comes with an aging home — until you see your much higher water bill or even experience damage.

But the reality is, it’s crucial to understand the actual cause of a faucet leak to help avoid much larger problems that could result in expensive repairs.

Our experienced, licensed, and insured plumbers are here to weigh in on this common concern — and if you live in Woodbridge, NJ, or the boroughs of New York City, you can call on us to help diagnose and fix things quickly and professionally!

Why is my faucet leaking?

Some of the most typical reasons include:

Deteriorated or damaged parts. Certain parts involved with faucets, such as washers, seals and O-rings, help keep everything in place properly and prevent water from escaping when it shouldn’t. But over time, these parts can wear out, become loose or break and cause leaks. Usually this means they’ll need replacing.

Corrosion. Sediments in the water can cause parts such as the valve seat to become corroded. This enables water to leak out of the spout.

Water pressure issues. When your water pressure is too high — perhaps because your pressure-reducing valve has become corroded and isn’t working as well — leaks will occur intermittently depending on demand.

Installation errors. It’s extremely important to choose the correct type and size of faucet for your sinks AND to ensure they’re installed correctly, preferably by an experienced, licensed plumber. Leaking can occur when there’s a mismatch of parts or all connections aren’t installed and sealed properly.

The negative impact of leaky faucets

Even if you’re able to tune out the torturous sound of a dripping faucet, you’ll likely face the following issues if you ignore the problem:

Higher water bills. A drop of water might not seem like a lot — but over time it adds up. If just one faucet is leaking one drop per second, that becomes nearly six gallons a day or more than 2,000 gallons each year of wasted water! Your utility bill will surely reflect the cost of all that water lost.

Environmental waste. We should be conserving water, not wasting it needlessly by ignoring plumbing problems.

Moisture damage. Not only can leaking water damage cabinets, walls and equipment — it can lead to mold growth, which can be bad for your health and extremely expensive to get rid of.

Smart moves to prevent faucet leaks

To minimize the potential for leaking faucets, be sure to:

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