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Why Choose Heating Oil for Your Home?

Heating oil for your home

More than 8 million US households across the country – including thousands in NJ and SI – rely on heating oil deliveries to keep them safe and warm through the fall and winter, and for some pretty good reasons.

Here are four of them:

  1. It’s safer – Heating oil is among the safest of home energy sources because it does not cause fires (as electrical heating can) and won’t cause an explosion (as gas can). In fact, if you dropped a lighted match in a barrel of heating oil, it would go out just as if you had dropped it in water!
  2. It’s greener – Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) produces near-zero emissions, which helps our atmosphere. Heating oil also helps the planet by keeping junk out of the landfill: the average life expectancy of an oil heat furnace is 30 or more years if properly maintained – about twice as long as a gas furnace.
  3. It’s more economical – Some other fuels may top heating oil when it comes to BTUs produced per dollar (depending on the cost of each fuel), but heating oil systems come out ahead in the total cost of ownership race when you consider factors like the life expectancy of the equipment, a lower need for maintenance, and conversion costs for equipment ($10,000 or more, if you’re switching to natural gas).
  4. It will help you tolerate your teen – The hot water recovery rate of an oil-fired water heater is twice as fast as equipment powered by other energy sources – even more in the case of electric water heaters. So if your teenager uses all the hot water for her shower, you won’t have to wait as long for your own!

The bottom line: Today’s heating oil is hard to beat in a climate like we have here in New Jersey. To start enjoying the benefits of heating oil for your new home build, or to switch to heating oil in your NJ home, contact Rucci Oil for a FREE, no obligation estimate today.